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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions! Guaranteed Results with Expert Advice

Slimit Clinic is a dedicated weight management clinic based in Lebanon providing nonsurgical weight loss technologies and solutions.


Our team has been fully trained in various aspects of effective and practical weight management in order to provide patients with a clinically effective and personalized approach to weight loss.

With over 1000 patients treated in the last 2 years, our clinic has plenty of weight loss success stories. Both men & women have successfully used our slimming programs in their quest to lose weight.

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Wireless EMS Training at its best!

20 Minutes Replace 3 Hours of Training!
Try It To Believe It !

Visionbody is the leading provider of EMS suits that help you get in shape and lose weight.
VisionBody Lounge which is available exclusively at Slimit Clinic offers customized, functional EMS training with your own VisionBody training suit, along with a personal trainer who will be guiding you throughout your session.

Visionbody’s EMS suit is a cutting-edge EMS suit that is wireless and allows for a much greater range of motion during training, whether it be indoors or outdoors.



Slimit Clinic provides patients with top-notch treatments by combining the newest technologies, and high expertise. Our services range from weight loss programs, slimming technologies, firming and reshaping, cellulite treatment, ems training, nutritional diets and much more.

We, at Slimit, are aware of every step involved in delivering the 5-star service that our patients expect from us, and as a result, our team is committed to paying close attention to detail. We do respect our patients’ privacy and as a consequence, we have a unique weight loss approach that is defined by our mission of great people, great service, and amazing outcomes.


VB20 Lounge, exclusively available at Slimit, is one of the most innovative EMS fitness concepts in Lebanon.

From static to wireless functional EMS training!
At VB20 Lounge, you will complete in 20 minutes a circuit training specially designed for you.

Our cutting-edge EMS lounge provides individualized, practical EMS workouts in your very own VisionBody training suit. Our certified trainers will be guiding you during your workout and will help you achieve the desired outcomes through adequate training plans.


Client Testimonials

Christelle nawwar

The best slimming treatment in Beirut is at Slimit by Crystal Care Clinic. Especially the cellulite treatment, I did shockwave and drainage!! They targeted directly my cellulite 😍😍😍 The best staff and team Highly recommended

Maya AbouJaoude

Did the Inshape electrical muscle stimulation which is the newest technology for building muscles! It gives 20,000 muscle contractions in only 30 mins! I really enjoyed the experience The results are outstanding!

Augostinos Sfeir

I have completed the Amazing EMS training, and the results outperformed my expectations. It saved me gym time with more efficient results . The team is extremely professional and would definitely do another muscle again.


Awesome results , Customized weight loss programs based on your need, in order to reach the desired results in a short period of time, provided by a very professional & friendly team , thank you all , i had amazing time.

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