Body Reshaping & Contouring

What is this treatment?

At Slimit, we believe that it’s not enough to just remove fat cells, it’s also important to reshape and tone the body.

Body reshaping & contouring is a comprehensive treatment that aims to reshape an area of the body. It involves technologies to:
Our Procedure​


Ultrasound cavitation and Radiofrequency: These combined technologies allow for the treatment of fat adiposity and sagging skin. Radiofrequency will stimulate your natural fibroblasts which are necessary for producing collagen and elastin. The Ultrasound allows the progressive increase of the permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane, which means the removal of the fatty acids from these cells with consequent elimination of adipocytes (fat cells) through the lymphatic and circulatory system. The monopolar and bipolar capacitive technologies combined will also increase the collagen and elastin tissues. This will result in an instant lifting effect and will continue to improve


Laser Fat Removal: Our laser is FDA approved for the removal of fat cells. It doesn’t harm or damage the fat cell but emphasizes releasing the fatty lipids within the fat cell, which allows the fat cell to collapse and shrink in size. The fatty lipids are then passed through our lymphatic system. Simultaneously we are stimulating and increasing collagen and stabilizing the fibroblast.


Lymphatic Drainage: A lymphatic drainage procedure can encourage the flow of lymph, assist the body in losing excess weight, and give the skin a fresher appearance with unclogged pores and less puffy skin


InShape Passive EMS: INSHAPE is a new generation of Electromagnetic systems for Body Shaping. INSHAPE causes the muscles to contract at supramaximal levels, which automatically tones the body and burns fat

Who can have this treatment?

During your consultation, our doctor will assess the fat areas and customize a treatment plan that will be effective in providing the results you are looking for. Ideal candidates are close to their desired weight and want to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

How many treatments will I need?

During your initial consultation, our doctor will assess the number of treatments needed to achieve your ideal body shape. You need to be realistic and commit to a healthy lifestyle in general regarding exercise and nutrition. The first two weeks of your treatment plan are crucial to the success of these treatments’ outcomes.

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