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Inshape Passive EMS Lebanon

What is Passive EMS IN LEBANON?

Using electrical impulses, Passive EMS electrically evokes the muscle for contraction. These

impulses assist in utilizing the muscle glycogen stores and use the extra fat deposits as a

source of energy.


INSHAPE is a new generation of Electromagnetic systems for Body Shaping. It uses electric solid impulses from electromagnetic fields to the muscles. These impulses cause forcible muscle contractions, an automatic response like intensive exercise. It’s like doing 20,000 to 30,000 squats or sit-ups. INSHAPE enables achieving results without pain, downtime, or discomfort.

Our Procedure - EMS Lebanon

The INSHAPE body sculpting machine has two applicators. It can treat many body parts at once. The targeted areas are exposed to an electromagnetic field. The field is made by placing the applicators on the treated areas. These areas include the glutes (buttocks), thighs, and abs. INSHAPE causes the muscles to contract very hard. This tones and burns fat. Extreme exercise builds more muscle and strength while burning fat.

Who can have this treatment?

Ideal candidates are men and women aged 18 and above, close to their desired weight, and

want to lose some weight and gain muscle. Due to potential electrical interference, EMS is

contraindicated in patients with implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers, implanted

defibrillators, neuro-stimulators or pain pumps.

Discover the Benefits of InShape EMS at Slimit Antelias

“Discover the benefits of InShape Passive Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)  Lebanon at

Slimit Antelias. Our breakthrough technology helps you achieve a more toned and balanced

physique without strenuous exercise. Our experienced team will guide you step by step through

the entire process, ensuring your well-being and safety. Whether you’re looking to target specific

muscle groups or improve overall muscle tone, InShape EMS is an efficient solution. To learn

more about this transformative technology, Visit our link:

https://crystalcareclinic.com/inshape-passive-electrical-muscle-stimulation-ems/ and schedule

your session today!”


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