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Inshape Passive Electrical Muscle Stimulation EMS

What is Passive EMS?

Using electrical impulses, Passive EMS electrically evokes the muscle for contraction. These impulses assist in utilizing the muscle glycogen stores and make use of the extra fat deposits as a source of energy.


INSHAPE is a new generation of Electromagnetic systems for Body Shaping. INSHAPE employs super electric impulses produced by electromagnetic fields to the muscles, in order to cause forcible muscular contractions, It is an automatic response equivalent to an intensive strength exercise such as 20,000 – 30,000 squats OR sit-ups. INSHAPE enables the achievement of results without pain, downtime, or any discomfort non-invasively.
The Sport Solution

Our Procedure

The INSHAPE body sculpting machine has two applicators, and it can treat several body parts at once. The targeted areas will be exposed to the electromagnetic field created by placing the applicators on the treated areas, such as the glutes (buttocks), thighs, and abs.

INSHAPE causes the muscles to contract at supramaximal levels, which automatically tones and burns fat. Extreme exercise results in increased muscle volume and strength as well as simultaneous fat burning..

Who can have this treatment?

Ideal candidates are men and women, aged 18 and above, close to their desired weight, and want to lose some weight and gain muscle. EMS is contraindicated in patients with implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, neuro-stimulators or pain pumps because of potential electrical interference.

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