Lymphatic Drainage / Maderotherapy

What is this treatment?

Lymphatic drainage also referred to as a lymphatic massage, can benefit your overall health and weight loss. A lymphatic drainage procedure can encourage the flow of lymph, assist the body in losing excess weight, and give the skin a fresher appearance with unclogged pores and less puffy skin.

Maderotherapy is a holistic massage technique known as (wood therapy) that uses anatomically correct wooden instruments to enhance the body’s size and proportions while enhancing general health. With the aid of these tools, problem areas can be under intensely focused pressure (such as thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen). In order to be naturally eliminated, cellulite and fibrous fat deposits are broken down more quickly under pressure.

At Slimit, we combine Lymphatic drainage and maderotherapy together for optimum results.

How can Lymphatic Drainage & Maderotherapy Treatment help with weight loss?

Losing weight might be challenging if your body is toxically overburdened. Hence, even if you are exercising and eating well, a dysfunctional lymphatic system can still hinder you from losing weight.

Moreover, it may cause additional body fat to accumulate, particularly around the abdomen. Lymphatic drainage therapy can be useful in this situation.
Lymphatic drainage therapy works by eliminating toxins that have accumulated in your body and reducing swelling and water retention. Also, it makes cellulite appear less noticeable and aids your body in more naturally locating fat stores that can be converted into energy.

Lymphatic drainage/ Maderotherapy Results

Generally, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and maderotherapy are quick, easy, and comfortable treatments to lose weight without having to worry about unpleasant side effects.

But it isn’t a magic cure, just like practically every other weight loss strategy. The finest results from these treatments come from comprehensive weight loss plans. Also, you’ll need to keep up a healthy diet and way of life.

Who can have this treatment?

Generally speaking, lymphatic drainage and maderotherapy are safe treatments for everyone.

However, there are some conditions and circumstances where they are not recommended. During your consultation, our doctor will advise if this treatment is right for you.

How many treatments do I need?

During your consultation, our specialist will advise you on the number of treatments and the interval needed for the desired outcome. Usually, this treatment is recommended every other day, ( three times weekly). It gives quick results in body shaping, and cellulite reduction.

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