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VisionBody Wireless EMS

Visionbody is the number one brand for wireless EMS training.

Using both electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and electrical muscle activation (EMA) technologies, the Visionbody System provides a streamlined approach to any fitness goal, especially regarding body
composition, strength and endurance.

Made in Germany, Visionbody System EMS training is more intense than a traditional training. A 20-minute workout per week is equivalent to a 3 to 4 hour traditional workout depending on activity and its intensity.

Being a completely wireless system, with no cables hindering body movement, and operating over Bluetooth, the Visionbody System delivers complete freedom to train in any dry location, both indoors and outdoors, at any time. It is designed to be incorporated into many types of sports and
activities such as Functional Fitness,  CrossFit, Circuit Training, HIIT, Boxing, MMA,  Spinning, Running, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Dance, Walking…


VisionBody which is available exclusively at Slimit, is the only EMS in Lebanon where you can have a session for 2 persons at the same time, while enjoying the amazing view.

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